How to Talk to Yourself

The words that you choose to speak on a consistent and daily basis will ultimately determine exactly what you experience in your life. Words create feelings and emotions. Words can create or destroy. Words can build up or tear down. Words can heal or wound. Words can give birth to peace or unleash war. Words can inspire or discourage. Words can bless or curse. Words can comfort or agitate. Words can make us laugh or cry. They make our intentions felt and our desires are known. Never underestimate the power of your own words.

The power of life and death is definitely in your tongue. All the words that you speak possess creative power. They are literally containers of power that can and will create your future how you experience life. The words that you habitually use will affect how you communicate with yourself, and therefore what you experience. I encourage you to examine this vital area of your life and choose words that will take you in the direction that you want to go. Making some simple
changes in your vocabulary can create powerful and profound changes in how you feel, think, act, react, and in the results, you are creating and experiencing in your life. Words have been shown to have a biochemical effect on your body. Choose now to adopt a vocabulary of vitality; choose to consistently use words that inspire, motivate, and uplift. You can create a life by speaking life.

Have you ever asked someone, “Hey, how are you doing?” and they reply “Oh, I’m hanging in there,” or “I’m okay,” or “I’m getting by”, or “I’m alright”? What type of biochemical message is that person sending to his brain and his body? Have you ever had someone reply “Great!” or “I’m excellent,” “I’m outstanding,” “I’m phenomenal,” “I’m awesome,” or “I’m blessed”? What kind of impact do these habitual words have on your life? Are they empowering you, or disempowering you?

Change your words, change your life. Think of the words that you speak on a daily basis as seeds that you are planting that will bring a harvest at some point in your future. What type of seeds do you want to plant for your future? Design and speak words of victory over your life. Become aware of limiting patterns of speech and commit to eliminating these negative speech patterns from your vocabulary and from your life.

Begin by planting positive words of life, victory, and vitality right now, so that you may enjoy the fruit of their harvest in your future. Look beyond your circumstances and let your words and your
attitudes be inspired by your vision, rather than by the cares or limitations of the day. See yourself as the person that you can become and speak things that are not yet as if they already
are. What you say about yourself has a greater impact on you than what anyone else can say. Be aware of and master your internal dialogue, the way you talk to yourself. By simply changing
your habitual words you can transform and literally shape your emotions, your actions, your direction, and ultimately, your destiny. In the beginning, was the Word.

There are some simple, practical words that you can incorporate into your daily vocabulary that will make a huge impact on how you think, how you feel, and the results you’re experiencing on a daily basis: excellent, outstanding, blessed, spectacular, excited, energized, turbo-charged, enthralled, centered, balanced, exhilarated, invigorated, recharged, great, amazing, superb, tremendous, fantastic, focused, invincible, victorious, extraordinary, rejuvenated, peaceful, awesome, phenomenal, magnificent, wonderful, perfect, vibrant, unstoppable, confident, stimulated, restored, refreshed, serene.

Learn to use words that inspire and motivate you. Play with this and have fun with it! Transform your current patterns to new patterns that are more inspiring and empowering. For instance, learn to turn your problems into challenges. Approaching a challenge excites me, whereas a problem irritates me. They are the same thing with a different word attached.

Instead of stressed, I say blessed or “in high demand.” Instead of saying “I hate that…” I say “I prefer…” I never fail; I only learn what will not work. I change frustrated to stimulated or fascinated. Instead of lost, I’m searching for the way. I am not exhausted, I’m recharging. I’m not disappointed, I’m just delayed. Instead of overwhelmed, I’m maximized.

Practicing this focuses me into the area I want to go, and also softens negative emotions. I want to challenge you to begin mastering your vitality vocabulary now. Every word you speak creates
what you experience, and prepares the way for your future.