Lemons are one of nature’s absolute best sources of natural vitamin C, which provides a large variety of beneficial health benefits for your body. Vitamin C has been known to aid in cellular detoxification and may also be one of the best things to help alkalize the body. It also helps enhance immune system response function and contains enzymes that can assist with metabolic function and organ function as well. Vitamin C is even necessary for the production of certain hormones and can help cleanse and purify your digestive tract. It can also greatly enhance energy levels naturally.

Lemons are super easy to digest and do not cause bloating, in fact they have been known to reduce bloating because they are natures diuretic and are packed with so many natural enzymes. Many studies indicate that this super food can also reduce food cravings, enhance weight loss and help alkalize your body safely and even help make your skin glow naturally. So here are 7 super simple & fun ways to incorporate lemons in your daily health and wellness regimen.

7 Super Simple Ways to use LEMONS to DETOX your Body

1) Make homemade lemonade sweetened with stevia. Just squeeze the juice of 2 lemons into a large glass of purified water and add liquid stevia to your taste ( I like 8 to 12 drops), then just add ice and enjoy.

2) Use it as a salad dressing. One of my favorite ways to make a healthy salad dressing is to simply mix the juice of two lemons with a pinch of black pepper.

3) Make a lemon Ginger shooter (Juice 2 lemons and 1 or 2 inches of ginger root. Toss in cayenne pepper if you like, and enjoy this digestion-boosting, cleansing drink. It’s also a great way to combat the cold and flu since both lemon and ginger provide anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Add a dash of turmeric for even more health benefits)

4) Drink lemon cucumber water (Another way to make lemon water more exciting is to enhance it with cucumber and perhaps some fresh mint. Steep a couple of frozen slices of cucumber (which act as ice) with the juice of one lemon, rinsed lemon peel, and a fresh mint leaf. Drink this refreshing tonic that will leave you with a flat belly and a naturally cleansed feeling all day long.

5) Add it to herbal Tea (One way to enhance herbal tea is to add the juice of a lemon before you drink it. If you need more sweetness, go with a touch of raw honey or a drop of pure liquid stevia. Enjoy it hot or cold for digestive wellness after a meal or throughout the day.

6) Squeeze fresh lemon juice on your Veggies ( I really love it on asparagus, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts, and sometimes add some chopped garlic, black pepper, or fresh herbs)

7) Just enjoy a glass of pure water with the juice of a fresh lemon squeezed into it. Simple , Healthy, and Delicious.