Stevia Benefit

Just in case you have not heard that sugar is addictive and that consuming it on a consistent basis is probably not the best choice for your health and your life and believe me it is found in some form in almost all processed foods.

So then we need to discuss all of the artificial sugar substitutes that are made in a lab and mass marketed ( you know the ones I mean > pink, yellow and blue packets ) and these are even scarier when you actually do the research of what they can do to your brain and body.

However you really enjoy sweet treats a lot and really do not want to give them up ( even at the potential expense of your own health) I may have the solution for you and it sure worked great for me , in fact it absolutely transformed my health & my life!


Stevia is a healthy alternative that is actually GREAT for your health and your body. Stevia comes from a plant and it hails from Brazil and Paraguay and has been used for centuries as a sweeter and for medicinal treatments as well. STEVIA is 200 times sweeter than sugar with no negative side effects and no calories , that’s right you heard me NO CALORIES!. In addition to all of this great news its loaded wit nutrients including beta-carotene- vitamin C , magnesium and iron and its good for your teeth. There are lots of other great general health benefits as well ( Remember Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food)

For simple, delicious and nutritious recipes using stevia you can go to our recipe area and click on VITALITY UNIQUE SWEETS.