(Not at the Expense of Health)

Our philosophy about Beauty at Bobbivitality.com is simple we believe in Beauty Thru Health and that Beauty comes from the Inside out (not from the outside in like so much advertising would lead you to believe) So Beauty comes simply and safely through Health and not at the expense of it. It is a common fact that in the Beauty Industry Today there are so many misleading and deceptive practices and Misleading Marketing and labeling. Many Times the phrases All Natural and Organic are used as marketing terms yet when you actually check into the products are full of what we call “ potentially Harmful Ingredients” that are in reality the furthest thing from natural & organic.

These are ingredients that when you check out the MSDS (Materiel Safety Data Sheets) published by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) which is a division of the Department of Labor you will find that many of the ingredients used in Beauty and Personal care products are packed with ingredients that are unsafe to work around without protection and are even classified at potentially harmful) I always say that I keep my Chemicals in my garage under lock and key, I do not put them, rub them, spray them on my body, on my skin ( your body’s largest organ is your skin), or in my environment. Remember our philosophy: That you’re HEALTH FX everything that you do, everyone you know and can impact and or determine the quality and quality of your life and That We are responsible for our Health and the Decisions we make (or fail to make in this Essential and vital area.) REMEMBER your DECISIONS DECIDE your DESTINY!

We believe wholeheartedly in the ION health system&ION is a simple acronym standing for:

I Stands for IN (What you chose to put in your body)
O Stands for ON (What you chose to put on your Body)
N Stands for Near (What you chose to Put Near your Body or what’s in your environment)

Learning and using this simple system can help you improve your health and your life and in many instances can even help prevent and reverse preventable lifestyle diseases in your life.