Your Vitality Diet


Your Vitality Diet

WE ALL WANT TO BE HEALTHY RIGHT? We want to look good, feel good, have lots of energy, live long and strong and stay disease free right?  Sadly, some of the smartest people I know are too busy and stressed out to connect how they feel to what they eat. When measuring health factors, many studies clearly indicate that what we chose to put on the end of our forks is at least as important as our genetics or how much we exercise. In fact what we eat ranks as the single most important factor when it comes to disease and premature death according to a 2013 study done in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

So it is so very, super simple, if how we eat is of extreme importance to feeling great, losing extra pounds, slowing the aging process, and preventing and reversing lifestyle disease then what is the best diet for you personally?


Well there are literally millions of diets out there ( with new ones popping up every day) and many of them are confusing and often conflicting . What I needed for my life was a Vitality Diet, a diet that was simple to incorporate in my life, one that would actually be sustainable, a diet that would give me lots of energy and that was enjoyable to eat and delicious and fun, one that made sense and allow me to stay healthy, have lots of energy and look and feel great.  So then what is the easiest way to eat healthy?

Well there is a large and constantly growing body of very responsible & reputable  valid scientific evidence that is undeniable and yet actually quite basic, fundamental , common sense,  easy to learn and easy to do and I know from experience in my own life it can really have a very powerful and positive affect on your health and your life.


So whether you are looking for:

– More energy

– Weight loss,

– Lifestyle disease prevention and reversal

– More mental clarity,

– Relief from aches and pains,

– Relief from digestive issues 

– Relief from blood sugar challenges,

– A more Positive self-image and self confidence 

– Relief from constant colds, sore throats, sinus infections, 

Whatever you desire in the essential area of your health can very often be positively impacted and affected just by what you decide to put in your body. Your VITALITY DIET could be the very Solution you crave & deserve.


Below are just a few of the basic Principles:

Primarily Plant Based Foods (Yes that’s right eating fresher Veggies and lots of them may be the number One thing you can do to improve your health )

– Limit Processed Foods ( Educating yourself on the dangers of eating processed, fast, fake, Frankenstein foods, GMO foods and then taking action to improve your diet)

– Limit Sugars (Most food companies hide sugars in almost everything, sugars are also processed carbohydrates 

– Quality Proteins (Eat reasonable amounts of quality proteins, preferably leaner proteins that are naturally raised and grass or green fed for your meats and poultry)

– Eat Smaller Portions( In our all you can eat , more is better , buffet style, feast and gorge yourself culture it is so easy to overeat and literally clog your body with too much food)

– Drink lots of Pure Water Daily (drink 50% of your bodyweight in ounces every day for maximum hydration)

– Nutritional Supplementation (Implement a good Liquid Essential Nutrition supplement program into your daily health & wellness plan)

To learn more on this subject  just send us an email and we will get you the resources you desire. We recommend our Health Self Defense course and our NEW YOU health program.