The Story of Bobbi Vitality

As a young boy growing up in the 1960s and 1970s in Northeast Philadelphia, I was overexposed to hospitals, operations, sickness and pain, suffering, disease, and death. Between the ages of 9 and 19, I watched over a dozen close family members fall victim to various afflictions. First they lost their quality of life and then their lives. Some went quickly while others went slowly. Some were young and others were older. They all suffered tremendously and the outcome was devastating for all of us. They are all missed very dearly.

My grandmother Johnston suffered a paralyzing stroke and was completely debilitated. My godfather, Uncle Harry, was devastated by multiple forms of cancer and died a slow, painful, and agonizing death. Aunt Helen was also overtaken by cancer and suffered for years through chemotherapy and unimaginable suffering until it finally took her life. Uncle Leonard died of heart disease. Uncle Bud lost his life to lung cancer. Aunt Lillian passed on because of liver disease. Uncle Buck had a massive coronary. Uncle George, Aunt Pearl, and Uncle Frank all succumbed to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. My cousin Anna Ruth suffered with breast cancer until it took her life. Uncle John died from complications of heart disease.

Aunt Sadie died of complications of Alzheimer’s and was just not herself for the last years of her life. My cousin Ronald is suffering with liver disease and liver failure and is on the list for transplant as I write this. Perhaps the most riveting and closest to home was my father’s massive heart attack, which was followed by triple bypass surgery. A few years later he had a pacemaker installed. Soon after that, he had a bout with skin cancer that was corrected by aggressive surgery on his head. He spent his last years taking care of my precious Mother who suffered horribly for many years with migraine headaches and rheumatoid arthritis. She was diagnosed with Dementia that was medicine induced and then Onset Alzheimer’s Disease until a series of falls put her in a downward spiral that led to over 9 months of unspeakable horrors, terrifying treatments and was in and out of nursing homes, back and forth to multiple hospitals, artificial feeding tubes, c diff infections, respiratory infections, chronic diarrhea and the loss of all human dignity.

Less than 3 months after Mom died Dad drove himself in the middle of the night to the emergency room with internal bleeding (they said if he would have been 10 minutes later he would have bled to death) He had multiple polyps attached to his stomach and was rushed into emergency surgery and 2/3rds of his stomach was removed. He did not react to the surgery well and was literally out of his mind for almost a week (the staff in the surgical recovery room called it post operative delirium and encephalitis of the brain) and said it was quite a common occurrence but I assure you there was nothing common about it and it was terrifying to watch my Dad go through that. It took many months to recover and at times it was touch and go but THANK GOD he recovered fully and completely and after many tests Dad was told he was Cancer Free.

He was never diagnosed with Cancer ( but we were told before the emergency surgery that the polyps were tested and were not cancerous and then 2 days later the Staff Doctor came back and said they were cancerous. So then we immediately got plugged into the Oncology division of the Modern Medical Industrial Complex (or what I call the sick care industry). I am sure Dad lived in Fear for the Next 12 to 18 months that the Cancer would return and that he would suffer (as he had personally witnessed so many others he knew and loved) Finally 18 months later he got a bad report again, a prognosis of stage 3 metastatic adenoma carcinoma (advanced stomach cancer) that was untreatable and terminal and he went home to be with Mom and GOD!

Loved ones and friends who fall in there 40s and 50s—in the prime of their lives—extract a toll, which can never be measured. The price of that pain is much too high. This epidemic of preventable lifestyle disease extracts its most devastating toll in the form of premature death and suffering.

The health challenges were not limited to the members of my family. I myself was health challenged for many, many years. My personal struggles include debilitating addictions, systemic Candida, a mouthful of dental mercury, immune system and digestive issues, environmental and diet induced fungal infections and respiratory issues.

These sad and unnatural events puzzled me and always left me with an uneasy feeling, with a state of unrest in my heart. It just did not seem right. It was not natural. It did not seem fair. I had to have answers and modern medicine, healthcare and the experts did not have the answers I desired and in fact they did not even know the causes of all these issues. I learned that if you do not know what causes the problem you cannot solve the problem and that many times the treatment will become the problem. In fact I did not see a workable Healthcare system (in reality it was a sick care system) that was a revolving door and kept creating new problems and unending side effects without ever revealing the root CAUSE of the issues. Health Benefits and Insurance were many times an ATM if you will to just keep trying new tests and treatments that I have personally seen many times do way more harm than good. I knew that there had to be a better way.

I knew in my heart that it was our birthright to experience health, wellness, and vitality every single day. We have the greatest technology, the greatest minds, the greatest medicine, and the greatest hospitals and medical facilities in the world, yet we were getting sicker and sicker as a nation. It just did not make sense. All of this produced in me a need to understand how to experience health, wellness, and vitality as a simple byproduct of lifestyle and learning how to defend our right to get well, be well and stay well. It also gave me a burning desire to share what I learned with everyone I know everywhere I go.

I want to share my experience and give you insight and simple wellness wisdom so you and your family do not need to suffer like mine did. I desire to provide a set of basic foundational health principles, a simple system that, when applied consistently will produce measurable and quantifiable results in your life and that you will experience the level of health, wellness, and vitality that is your birthright so you can walk in Extraordinary Health and enjoy and Celebrate your Life!

I want to:

● Free you from fear that some disease will attack you and devastate your Life

● Teach you simple strategies how to Defend your Right to Be Well in the 21st Century

● Empower you to develop your own personal VITALITY MENTALITY (so you can take control of you own personal Health Destiny)

● Equip you with the resources you need for education, inspiration, motivation and success.

● Provide you strategies and practical systems that are simple, safe and easy to incorporate in your life that will allow you to make intelligent decisions and take consistent right action in the critical area of your health

● To partner with you so that you will adapt your Vitality Mentality, Practice the power of prevention and live LONG & STRONG and Disease FREE!