Short Story

3As I was in my teenage years I began to notice a disturbing pattern within my family members and others that I loved and cared about. .In increasing numbers they were complaining of low energy, poor digestion , body aches and pains, headaches, joint pain, memory loss, allergies ,asthma, diabetes, insomnia, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, stroke & dozens of major and minor health ailments that threaten the quality & quantity of our lives . It never made sense to me and I soon realized that Modern Medicine could not explain these issues and did not have the answers or solutions I so desperately wanted and needed.
Most of the major DISEASES my loved ones were suffering with were and are still the major health issues we deal with as a society and a nation. I call them Preventable Lifestyle Diseases.
These Lifestyle diseases are not caused by some virus or bacteria or even genetics but rather they are imbalances created by the choices WE make day, by day on how we chose to live our lives. Once we KNOW the Cause we are empowered to Prevent & Reverse these Horrible Dis-eases through knowledge, wisdom and action. I have committed my life to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Equip anyone with the Desire to achieve and maintain extraordinary health.

I have travelled the World and partnered with Committed Healers, Health Professionals, Formulators Biochemists, Nutritionists and Health Experts to bring you the best resources on our planet that are simple, safe, proven, affordable , effective and produce immediate, consistent and measurable results. We measure our success by TRANSFORMED LIVES! Our Mission is Simple ” TO IMPROVE your HEALTH & YOUR LIFE” and our VISION is clear ” TO EQUIP anyone with the DESIRE to PREVENT & REVERSE LIFESTYLE DISEASES ”


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