About Bobbi

Bobbi is a Health & Wellness advocate that excels in equipping and empowering people with resources that improve their health & Life. He is the founder & C.E.O of Bobbivitality.com & Vitality FX Healthy Solutions and co-founder & Vitality Editor of the Vitality Network.

His unique ability to simplify, communicate, and equip you with fundamental truths and simple (Easy to Learn and Use) strategies that produce immediate and measurable results in your Health and your LIFE is outstanding. He has a passion to Educate, Inspire Encourage, and Empower Individuals, families, companies, and organizations to make wellness a top priority in their lives and to make a vital, committed connection with their CREATOR.

After all, your Health FX everything you do and everyone you know. It is one of the main factors in the direction of your destiny. It will ultimately determine the quality and quantity of your life here on earth. An expert motivator and dynamic speaker, Bobbi will challenge and empower you to Defend your Right to Be Well, master the Wisdom of Wellness, Practice the Power of Prevention, and to make The Rest of YOUR LIFE the BEST of YOUR LIFE!
We pray that you would glow with health, live well, laugh often, love much, and celebrate your life.